Designed year 2000


Sold in sets of 6 mixed (3 of each)

Claro CL/T3 . 160ml . Tall and slender, 18cm h x 4cm dia – 7 1/8″ h x 4 9/16″ dia

A good alternative to larger capacity stemmed champagne glass


Claro CL/T6 . 140ml .  Med height and slender – 14cm h x 4cm dia – 5 1/2″ h x 4 9/16″ dia

A good alternative to small stemmed champagne glass


Hand blown borosilicate glass. For hot or cold beverages, do not place on direct heat.


The Claro tubular range has a large number of shapes and sizes than usual and is for any drink, hot or cold.  The variety of glasses and options opens options from the norm for beverages such as whisky, champagne and wine being served in a specific glass.  The beverage takes over visually from the glass when filled – democracy in a glass!  They can be collected in sets of mixed or same.



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Ve is a collection of diagrammatic and minimal shaped vessels for the purpose of drinking.  Designed in year 2000, Bowles and Linares looked at widening usual perceptions of the shape, material, size and use of drinking vessels for any hot or cold beverage.  They wanted the designs to be produced in the thinnest glass possible with the additional property of resistance to heat.   These qualities could only be found in borosilicate glass and using blowing techniques for laboratory glassware which also results in them being very light and stronger than expected.  Bowles also applied the ambering finish used on laboratory vessels to protect chemicals from UV light.  It is an additional process of liquid silver applied to the glass that oxidises and caramelises during firing and gives UV protection for some cold beverages when the vessels are used in sunlight.

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Dimensions 25.5 × 25.5 × 25.5 cm

CL T3, CL T6, mixed CLT 3 and 6