Coffee jug and filter CAF/J/3 – F/2 . Coffee for one and depending, can stretch to two!

Designed year 1998


9cm h x 9cm dia – 3 1/2″ h x 3 1/2″ dia

Hand blown borosilicate glass jug with hollow handle, to contain and infuse hot or cold beverages, do not place on direct heat.


Cafetera de filtro coffee jug and filter was the first of the Obhetos designs and nominated for a Homes and Gardens Design award in 2000. The glass filter and jug was a unique way to make coffee at the time.



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OBhetos a Collection of Usables  designed in year 2000 is a collection of diagrammatic and minimal shaped vessels for holding or infusing any hot or cold liquid or beverage.  Bowles and Linares looked at widening usual perceptions of the shape, material, size and use of vessels and wanted the designs to be produced in the thinnest glass possible with the additional property of resistance to heat.   These qualities could only be found in borosilicate glass and they aimed to transfer the blowing and making techniques for laboratory glassware truthfully to these objects. Not only are they heat resistant but also surprisingly light and stronger than expected for such thin glass. Do not place on direct heat.


clear borosilicate glass