Carvings are available as one offs and to order in hardwoods from a reputable and sustainable source.  Smaller scale pieces are freeform one off carvings and cannot always be replicated from reclaimed material and are available from our online shop or to order Carved furniture is


Reverso Rug - For Christopher Farr   Year designed:   1999   Bowles and Linares instinctively applied shape and the most natural attempt at something that might evoke  three dimensions on a flat surface when they designed this rug for Christopher Farr.  Combined with the  immense depth of colour within


OBhetos a collection of usables and Ve drinking glass collection   Ve glass range   Year designed:  2000 Following the success of the OBhetos vessels collection in 1999, Ve drinking vessels was designed and launched in year 2000 to wide acclaim.   Ve is a collection of diagrammatic and minimal shaped vessels


OBhetos a Collection of Usables glass vessels   Year designed:  1999   Following the launch of Cafetera de filtro in 1998 OBhetos vessels collection was created and launched in 1999 to wide acclaim.   OBhetos is a collection of diagrammatic and minimal shaped vessels for any hot or cold liquid.  Bowles and